Wood Burners & Multi Fuel Stoves

We want to provide you with your ideal installation, whilst also giving you peace of mind in knowing you hired the right guys for the job! All of our installations are carried out by qualified installers who are fully insured. We ensure all of our installations are fitted to current building regulations with the relevant checks concerning the correct ventilation and CO2 alarms.

When choosing your stove, look for models which feature clean-burn technology for better efficiency, and an airwash system that keeps flames and gasses off the window, resulting in fewer tar deposits. As well as choosing a style to suit your home, you need to buy a stove with the right heat output. David Joseph Chimney Care will work all this out for you and give you some idea on what would suit best. You must also check if you are in a smoke controlled area by contacting your council, as this may determine which stove you choose. Smoke controlled areas will require a DEFRA rated stove.

Open Fires & Cast Fireplaces

Owners of contemporary or older period properties often wish to re-introduce or retain the centrepiece of a fireplace, either in their chosen style or in the style of their original home. It is always worth putting a little bit of extra effort into researching the origins of the aspired style or original house and matching the new purchase or revamp of an old fireplace, stove, gas or electric fire, in keeping with or alternatively in direct contrast to the homes other decor and architectural features.

Whether you choose Louis, Georgian, Regency, Victorian or a more modern fireplace, David Joseph Chimney Care can help you along the way.

Installing a working fireplace is a job for a professional, as the chimney, flue and hearth must meet current Building Regulations.

Smoke Controlled Areas (DEFRA)

Fuels which emit smoke cannot be burnt in smoke-controlled areas, so you may need to use a smokeless fuel or consider a stove that uses a secondary combustion system to produce a clean burn that is exempt from regulations. Ask your local authority which fuel types are permitted in your area or visit

A ‘DEFRA approved stove’, or to give it the correct name, a ‘DEFRA smoke exempt appliance’, is a wood burning stove which has been tested and has passed the UK Government’s Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) criteria for emission levels and the amount of smoke that it will be allowed to produce during all stages of normal operation.

Generally, a DEFRA approved stove has been modified by the manufacturer to limit the amount that it can be ‘closed down’ or in other words, by how much it can be starved of air which creates smoky combustion. A DEFRA approved stove will therefore always provide the minimum level of combustion air so that the wood burns efficiently without producing unnecessary smoke, thus ensuring that the appliance complies with the Clean Air Act. A DEFRA approved wood burner will therefore allow you to burn wood legally in a UK Smoke Control Area – which are most of the UK’s cities and large towns.